Monday, April 19, 2010

लोस अन्गेलेस

The above photos were taken in Los Angeles by our friend Erika Wolf. She has more at ::: ::: THANKS ERIKA

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Throw Your Hands Up (The Video)

The So So Glos – "Throw Your Hands Up" from Erik Carter on Vimeo.

Shot at The Market Hotel by Matt Greeley
Animated and Edited by Erik Carter

As you may have heard, the Market recently came across some trouble. Undercover cops raided it two nights in a row and successfully shut down the venue (hopefully temporarily). It sucks when good things get misunderstood by police which is often the case in our music community. When we started the Market with Todd P. and friends almost 2 and a half years ago we envisioned a legalized space sometime in the future. Now seems like an appropriate time to get the ball rolling on that. If anyone wants to get involved please email We need money, lawyers, architects, and you to keep the venue intact and get it through a legalization.

THE MARKET HOTEL * established forever

"Do you remember when we used to sip Olde E and talk about the similarities between animals and you and me and the KKK and the NYPD?"